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Esthederm Skin Care Facials

A "haute couture" skin care range so that 100% of clients, even the most demanding, can find an answer to their desires and a solution to their problems, to offer to their skin a better life and enduring beauty.

Esthederm product lines are based on cellular water patent and Pro-active patent which is a process that gives skin the ability to repair itself.

All Esthederm facials include an initial analysis of your skin to determine the most appropriate treatment, cleansing, exfoliation,Extraction, hydration, and a personalized prescription that will help you maintain the results of your treatment at home.

Coup D'eclat
(duration: 30m)
Water and light treatment: Provides immediate beautification for busy men and women in only 30 minutes! For those who want to revive their complexion and give a true energy boost, radiance, and glow to their face.
Includes cleansing, exfoliation, and mask.

The Essential Cellular Treatment
(duration: 1h 15m)
To restore the equilibrium and natural lasting beauty that your skin should never have lost. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, steamer, and serum moisturiser mask...

  • Aqua absolue:For all those whose skin lacks softness,radiance,and elasticity,and wich feels tight and uncomfortable!
  • Purete' Absolue:For all those who despair over their oily skin with dilated pores,blackheads,and even the occasional spot! This treatment usually requires extensive extraction. This facial emphasizes skin cleansing as opposed to relaxation.
  • Calme Absolu: For those with sensitive,reactiveskin,and even the occasional blotchy redness!
  • Repair Absolu: For those with damaged ,sagging skin,worn by multiple abuses!
  • Nutrition Absolu: For those who lack comfort and radiance and who have deficiencies that are primarily caused by their lifestyle!

Expert Treatments
(duration: 1h 30m)

To resolve the most difficult issues!
For skin in crisis that needs an expert response and instant relief. For skins that are: very dry, hyper-seborrheic, acne-prone, atonic, reactive skins. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, steamer, and serum moisturiser mask...

  • Intensive Hydrating Hyaluronic treatment: For extremely dehydrated skins,wich are very tight and sensitive.
  • Intensive purifying propolis treatment: For acne-prone skins that suffer and are always congested, dull, and thickened.
  • Intensive Revitilizing Spiruline Treatment: For flaccid complexions and faces that lack tone.
Youth Essential Treatments
Treatment invitation to turn back time and forget the signs of aging.
  • Lift system (Wrinkles therapy; includes eye treatment and mask) (duration: 1h 30m)
    For all those who want instant youth, who want to correct a lack of tone, fine lines, and wrinkles, and have a visible lifted face.
  • Cyclo system (Skin age reverse; includes eye tratment and mask) (duration: 1h 30m)
    For those who want to combat the signs of cutaneous ageing due to hormonal dysfunctions: loss of density, deep wrinkles, loss of radiance.
  • White System (Extreme Transparency) : (duration: 1h 30m)
    For those whose number one priority is a flawless, more radiant, and brighter complexion!
    This lightening program's patented hypopigmentaline regulates melanin production and is designed to correct and prevent pigmentation problems and smooth out uneven skin tones .
    Add Youth Repair’s specialized eye treatment ($20) to reduce puffiness and discolouration around the eyes and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

Buy 5 facial treatments and get the 6th equal or less value treatment for FREE.


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Hand and Foot Care

Hand Care

Express Manicure: $15

A quick touch up when you have no time for a full manicure. Nails are cleaned, filed includes light cuticle work. Express manicure ends with your choice of OPI polish pplication.

Classic Manicure: $20
A full classic manicure includes a soak in sea salt and essential oils, and is followed by nail and cuticle grooming. A hand massage will follow and leaves you truly relaxed. Your Classic Manicure ends with your choice of OPI polish application.

Spa Manicure: $30
A spa manicure is a full classic manicure (nail clipping, filing, buffing, and polish application ) and a full hand and forearm treatment that includes hand exfoliation and massage, followed by a warm paraffin treatment or cold mask to ease sore joints and muscles with deeply hydrating the hand.

Foot Care

Express Pedicure $22
A quick touch up when you have no time for a full pedicure. Nails are cleaned, filed includes light cuticle work. Express pedicure ends with your choice of OPI polish application.

Classic Pedicure $30
A full classic pedicure Includes a soothing and relaxing foot soak in a warm foot bath infused with sea salt and essential oil. This treatment is followed by exfoliation to relieve rough skin, callus work, nail clipping, filing , buffing and a foot massage. Your classic pedicure ends with your choice of OPI nail polish.

Spa pedicure $40
A spa pedicure is a full classic pedicure (soak,exfoliation,buffing,nail clipping,cuticle grooming , foot massage and polish application) followed by your choice of a warm paraffin treatment or cold mask to ease sore joints and muscles while deeply hydrating the feet.

French Style Polish to any treatment for $5
Hand and Foot care treatments

Cold Mask $10
Paraffin wax treatment: $10 Recognized as physiotherapy treatment for Arthritis, Rheumatism and Tendonitis.

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Waxing leaves the skin smooth and removes hair completely. You will notice that hair re-growth is lessened with each treatment.

For your safety, we don't recommend waxing for areas that have been treated with anti-aging products such as glycolic acid or acne treatments such as acutance.

*All prices are subject to change.

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